Canadian Derivatives Clearing Corporation (CDCC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Montréal Exchange (MX), acts as the central clearing counterparty for exchange-traded derivative products in Canada and for a growing range of customized financial instruments. CDCC's role is to ensure the integrity and stability of the markets that it supports.

CDCC occupies a unique space in the Canadian financial markets. Here are the main reasons behind CDCC's exclusive position:

  • The only integrated central clearing counterparty in North America that clears and settles futures, options and options on futures.
  • More than thirty-five-year track record as the central clearing counterparty and guarantor of exchange-traded derivative products in Canada.
  • More than 30 clearing members, including major financial institutions and brokers in Canada.

Latest Notices

December 5, 2016
156-16 – Request for Comments - Proposed Amendments to Sections A-102, A-220 and A-701 of the Rules of the Canadian Derivatives Clearing Corporation Read more

December 5, 2016
155-16 – Final Contract Adjustment - Kirkland Lake Gold Inc. (KLG) - Plan of Arrangement (Final) Read more

December 5, 2016
154-16 – Final Contract Adjustment - Newmarket Gold Inc. (NMI) - Plan of Arrangement (Final) Read more

December 5, 2016
153-16 – Fixed Income Clearing – Eligible Clearing Members and the associated CUIDs Read more

December 1, 2016
152-16 – Intra-Commodity (Inter-Month) Spread Charge - “Share Futures” Read more